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Offered services

Design of user interfaces

We can help you design the interface of your new website or your new appl in mobile or desktop format.

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Illustration design

Whether it is for an illustration for a book cover, to design icons or for any other project requiring illustrations, we can put our creativity and expertise at your service.


Documents layouts

You have an annual report, a quarterly report, a magazine, a book or a simple note that you want to present with an elegant layout, entrust us with the task of creating a layout that your readers will remember.

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Images processing

The photographs occasionally have imperfections that must be corrected or the simple taste of a little fantasy on our photographs may require a little precision work. Entrust us with your photographs and let us work on them according to your expectations.

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CRT Design has two solutions to acquire these services


The "Supplies" solution allows you to purchase a bank of design hours. This bank of hours can be used for all types of projects. The bank of hours saves you from having to request quotes for projects. The bank of hours being only for the design time, it doesn't however cover the costs of printing, materials, installation or transport which could be necessary for some of your projects, these will therefore be billed independently of the hours of the supplies. Like all solutions offered by CRT Design, the hours of the supplies are usable according to the availability of CRT Design.

Choices of supplies:

  • 3 hours

  • 5 hours

  • 15 hours

  • 25 hours

  • 50 hours

  • 100 hours

  • 200 hours

  • 500 hours

  • 1000 hours and more

By using the "Supplies" solution, you could benefit from additional price reductions after 5 consecutive renewals of the supplies.

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The "Flight" solution is CRT Design's original solution and constitutes in quotes for each of your projects. Send us the details of your project and we will give you a quote. This solution is excellent if your projects are on a more occasional than regular basis.

Courriel_Plan de travail 1.png
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